Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review for "This Is Your Brain In Love" by Dr. Earl Henslin

"This Is Your Brain In Love" by Dr. Earl Henslin does an excellent job of blending science with relationship counseling. Far from dry and sterile, this book is very readable yet packed with informative content. Dr. Henslin discusses the science behind our love relationships as humans. In a fascinating display of the latest scientific research on the brain, Henslin reveals how understanding brain imbalance can aid a couple in improving their marriage relationship. He identifies 5 types of inbalances and the personality/behavioral patterns that result. Included are assessments the reader can take, and suggestions for how to deal with each imbalance in specific. The book is written from the perspective of Christian faith.

I loved this book! It took me only 2 days to get through it because I was fascinated and it was enjoyable to read. Henslin describes the imbalances clearly and the assessments are right on the money. It was easy to tell where I and my husband each fall! Beyond just describing the imbalances, Dr. Henslin also gives great practical advice on how to deal with each condition, whether in yourself or in your mate. The advice includes behavior, medication and supplements, and diet. I appreciate how it has already helped me understand my marriage relationship better, and given me some tools to help improve it. The final chapter gives some wonderful advice about how to enjoy lasting love - scripture and psychology in perfect harmony! 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Justine,
    Thanks for your great review of " This is Your Brain in Love". It brings my heart joy to know that it was readable, understandable and practical. Thanks for spreading the word! Feel free to email me at drearlh@gmail.com if you have any further thoughts or questions about the book!
    With Respect, and Gratefulness
    Dr. Earl R Henslin

  2. Wow Justine, what a great review. Makes me want to drop the book I am reading now and read that one. Thanks for the insights and info. Definitely a book I will have to read!