Monday, December 28, 2009

Review for "The Gospel According to LOST"

"The Gospel According to LOST" by Chris Seay was a fun read. He takes the mysteries and characters of this beloved TV series and explores them from a position of faith, philosophy, and just plain love for the story. If you are looking for explanations of what and why, this book is not it. No spoilers, no theories... just a celebration of the mystery and ponderings of what we do know. A chapter is dedicated to each of the main characters in the series, exploring why we love (or hate) these characters, how they reflect our own lives, and the journey of growth they have taken through the series.

As a fan waiting for the final season to begin, this book re-ignited my imagination and has whetted my appetite even more. I would have like to see more discussion of philosophy and physics (he mentions and celebrates the themes, but does not delve into them deeply. Perhaps it is not his area of expertise!). The chapter on how Jesus sees lost people is perhaps the best one in the book. It was a quick, fun read, leaving me a little disappointed that I did not learn much more than I already knew... but still it was fun to listen to a fellow fan's thoughtful musings. Much like what we do with our friends following each episode! 4 out of 5 stars.

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