Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review for "Sabbath" by Dan Allender

Sensual. Feasting. Glorious. Playful. These are not words I would have associated with "sabbath." But after reading Dan Allender's "Sabbath," my eyes have been opened to new possibilities. Allender writes with joy about this topic and entreats readers to delve into depths of joy and renewal that go well beyond the typical concepts of discipline and rest. We are encouraged to look at the Sabbath with new eyes, to discover God's original intent for this day, and creatively live out its bounty in our own lives.

What stood out as most appealing to me in this book were the personal stories of how the author and his own family and friends have lived out Sabbath. How enticing! It creates a longing within me to experience a similar richness in my own life. Sabbath will not be "fallen into" accidentally, but must be lived intentionally. However, that does not mean drudgery. It is an invitation to make a place for peace, abundance, joy, silence, rest, renewal, restoration, grace, feasting, and even justice. This presentation of Sabbath was not pushy or condemning, as I find is often the case with this topic. There is grace here, a whisper of a life yet untasted and untouched. I hope to savor some of its richness myself.