Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review for "Gods at War" by Kyle Idleman

Every heart is a battleground for our allegiance. What keeps us from following God with our whole heart? Author Kyle Idleman asserts that while we may point to particular temptations or sins as the answer, at the root of every sin is an idol that claims our heart's worship. Kyle explores several areas of power including: food, sex, entertainment, success, money, achievement, family, romance, and self. Each chapter includes insightful questions to help the reader discern where in their own life there may be a struggle with one of these "idols." This was a great book! I found it challenging and insightful. I liked it because it was scriptural and blunt, not tiptoeing around issues but asking penetrating questions and giving practical examples. Kyle's style is fun and lighthearted to read. He includes humorous footnotes and allusions to pop culture that 30-40-somethings will identify well with. I found myself laughing one moment and then feeling the truth hit home the next. Young authors sometimes try too hard to be funny and relevant to today's culture and end up with watered-down fluff for content. Kyle does not make that mistake, this book is full of mature insights. The questions at the end of each chapter would be good for personal reflection or discussion with a study group. 5 out of 5 stars. I received this book on a complimentary basis for purposes of review from Booksneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers) and am not required to give a favorable review.