Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sacred Pathways Week 3: Traditionalists

I hope you found the traditionalist pathway to be surprisingly fascinating as I did! We had a lot more material we could have covered (sorry I had to rush at the end of class). But, I hope your appetite has been whetted. If this is a pathway you think might enrich your own worship life, then explore further! Try out an idea or two. You might start with establishing a couple fixed prayer times. Or getting a prayer book. Here is a link for the Book of Common Prayer: http://justus.anglican.org/resources/bcp/formatted_1979.htm
Or here is a link to a site that gives you some liturgical calendars, prayers for the offices, and other information: http://www.commonprayer.org/ There are many other books of prayer so if one doesn't suit you don't give up, search more! The internet can be used to explore and get some great ideas. (For us evangelicals, we will want to omit any prayers to Mary, but many of the prayers will be appropriate. Choose the ones that are meaningful to you.)

Here is a link to a site I have enjoyed, which lists the daily scripture readings from the liturgy. It has proven to be a rich sourcefor me of digging into God's word along with the church calendar.

What ideas or resources do you have to share? What was your reaction to the traditionalist pathway? I love to read your comments!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sacred Pathways Class Week 3: Sensates

We discovered this week that we can use sensory stimulation (of the 5 senses) to help us worship God! This may be unfamiliar territory for some, so let's share ideas and resources. What ideas do you have for bringing the senses into worship? Maybe you have tried something that was meaningful to you. How did you sense God's presence? Maybe you have been thinking of it this week and have some ideas you would like to try. Looking forward to hearing your comments!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Class Week Two: Naturalists

This week we learned how nature can draw us into prayer with God, reveal His existence, teach us scriptural truths, help us learn to rest. We enjoyed a wonderful presentation from Cristy, someone who definitely understands how to commune with God in such a personal way through His creation!

This week's question: How has our class discussion inspired you to heighten your perception of God through nature this week? Share something practical you have experienced, and how it helped you connect with God.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sacred Pathways Class: Week One

I was excited to get the class underway with the first lesson! We talked about the limits of the "daily quiet time" prescription as a means to nourish everyone spiritually. Did you get a glimpse of possible new horizons in your worship life? Share what you are hoping to get out of this class. I'm also curious, if you're willing to be that transparent, what part of your current devotional routine have you decided to take a break from?