Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review for "Secure Daughters; Confident Sons" by Glenn T. Stanton

The topic of masculinity and femininity is not always politically correct nor easy to address tactfully. Glenn T. Stanton has done a masterful job in his book Secure Daughters, Confident Sons. Stanton offers relevant insights on how being male or female makes a difference in how we develop as human beings. The aspects of masculinity and femininity are highlighted without being stereotypical or narrow. Each person is a unique blend of characteristics, and will demonstrate more or less of certain aspects of their gender. The book is especially geared toward parents in order to help them understand their child's development and nurture their children into healthy manhood and womanhood. It is written from a Christian perspective and includes Biblical principles without being preachy.

I found the book to be easy and enjoyable to read, with real-life examples and stories, and practical steps to helping boys and girls develop confidently. The principles are easy to understand, yet not cliche in making blanket statements about all males and females. It is a launching pad for thoughtful parenting. There were several concepts that I put into practice right away, and saw immediate results. This book is giving me many ideas to discuss with my husband and helping me understand my young son better. I highly recommend it for any parent.