Monday, June 7, 2010

Sacred Pathways Class: Week One

I was excited to get the class underway with the first lesson! We talked about the limits of the "daily quiet time" prescription as a means to nourish everyone spiritually. Did you get a glimpse of possible new horizons in your worship life? Share what you are hoping to get out of this class. I'm also curious, if you're willing to be that transparent, what part of your current devotional routine have you decided to take a break from?


  1. Justine,
    Thanks for leading our class. Transparent….did you say? I think one of my biggest struggles with transparency is sorting out in my own mind, whom it really is…..that I am today. I think I fall mostly into the Intellectual: Loving God with the Mind. I don’t think I was always as much that way as I am now. So much time alone has brought me to a place of being enveloped in my own thoughts. And, thankfully most of those thoughts are in a place of desiring to understand God more and more each day. In that journey, I am in awe of the slightest bit of comprehension of this incredible God. Most people never come to a real appreciation of awe. It is an incredible concept, very illusive in our finite mind. BUT, just perhaps, as I have experienced, if you think hard enough and ponder in bewilderment ever so more than your simple inclination….it is worth the journey. Today, I spent time in Job 38 and beyond. I think Job was an intellectual. So of course, God approached him in this sacred pathway…God simply asked “where were you when” and “can you…” God doesn’t give Job a few things to ponder, He gives Job lots to ponder, because He fully understands Job is a pondering type of guy. Job listens (with a few comments) but in the end, he stands silently in awe of an awesome God

    Finally in chapter 42, Job states…
    2"I know that You can do all things,
    And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.
    3'Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?'
    "Therefore I have declared that which I did not understand,
    Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know."
    4'Hear, now, and I will speak;
    I will ask You, and You instruct me.'
    5"I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear;
    But now my eye sees You;
    6Therefore I retract,
    And I repent in dust and ashes."
    Transparent….did you say? I am humbled before an awesome God. Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.

    Pondering the Awe,

  2. Looking forward to posting from my friends in the class!

  3. Wow, Mrs. Sarno's (she will always be that to me) post was very in depth and incredibly insightful. I just hopped on to talk about what part of my life I would be adjusting to get the most out of this class, and I feel as if I have just taken a mini lesson from the book of Job. Thanks Mrs. Sarno. Anyway, I have for the most part been fairly consistent with my prayer time at night after I get the kids to bed. However, I feel as if my mind jumps from thing to thing as I am trying to pray. I have a hard time staying focused. I too, think I am an intellectual when it comes to communicating and worshiping, but I think I am more that way in a group rather than on my own. I like to get deeper insight from people in a small group and hash out the details of scripture with friends. I am hoping to find a pathway that will appeal to me when I am alone, something that will keep my mind riveted on God and let me see and hear what He would have me see and hear. I will probably stay with my nightly prayers until I find something else that can fulfill me. I am open to suggestions.

  4. Now, practice can do it! Repeat after me.... "Deb"...there now that wasn't that hard was it????

    Please call me Deb....Mrs. Sarno makes me feel so old....gosh I am close enough to old....don't push me there any sooner!

    Thanks for your post. I am glad for this class.

  5. Maria, you might try just taking time to be aware of God and relax with him at that nightly prayer time instead of trying to talk to Him about things. Let the thoughts go where they may... just bring God along. Be open to how God is present and to what He may be saying even through the thoughts.

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  6. I'm not sure which "pathway" defines me. God speaks to me...whenever I take time to listen. =) At least it seems that way.

    What I have given up this week, is feeling guilty, worrying, stressing about now sitting down & having a "quiet time." Now, I have had a few of my special times this week, & I won't miss it if I have the chance. But I'm not going to stay up late because it's something on my list that's not finished.

  7. Amanda,

    Good thoughts. God desires a relationship with us and not a ritual/routine with us. I look for opportunities for peace, solitude, enrichment, restoration, comfort, and awareness, with my time with my Lord. I like to "absorb" Him and be "saturated" by Him. Those things only come when I am willing to wait for Him as you have discovered.

    I try to approach my time in the Word not as something to do with reading about God, but more about what God is saying. God's word was written through His inspiration it a time, in a place, and for a purpose. I try to learn as much as possible about what the author (directed by God)is experiencing in his time, in his place, and his purpose for writing down the words. God always desires restoration...but what is going on in that time frame that He needs to intervene with the written word to accomplish restoration and bring humanity to a better understanding of Him?

    This does not need to seem complex....make it very simple. It is called "wondering". I love to just "wonder" because is it so relaxing to just wait on Him. Just because you spend time "wondering", doesn't mean that answer is readily available, but the time and process is very restoring. Answer will come in due time. It is a great way to encounter God by stripping away the formality and routine and just let it happen just like all relationship often do. A relationship with God should just unfold and not be forced. Take some time to "wonder". It is not about the time, the amount read, the routine, etc. It is about the restoration to a place of being with Him.

    Glad you are enjoying the class. Hope you have some more special times in the Word yet this week! See you at class!