Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sacred Pathways Class Week 3: Sensates

We discovered this week that we can use sensory stimulation (of the 5 senses) to help us worship God! This may be unfamiliar territory for some, so let's share ideas and resources. What ideas do you have for bringing the senses into worship? Maybe you have tried something that was meaningful to you. How did you sense God's presence? Maybe you have been thinking of it this week and have some ideas you would like to try. Looking forward to hearing your comments!


  1. Thanks for another great class. I could relate to this pathway. I enjoyed the creative atmosphere. I seem to be a combination of a few different pathways. But what I enjoy most about the class is the opportunity to investigate the other pathways, awkwardly step into the other pathways, and to understand the depth of the connection for others in the variety of pathways. Hummm...I think the traditionalist will be a stretch for me!

  2. Really enjoyed this lesson. I know that smells really take me back to a lost memory, but I've never thought of it's use in worship. This lesson opened my imagination, not necessarily for me, but for teaching lessons about faith to my kids. Thank you.